Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I made a game!

Oh, yeah merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope santa was good to you, he certainly was to me. New brushes made their way to my hobby table so I'm very happy.

Oh and all this free time during the holidays and flu stricken wife has left my evening wide open. So naturally a painted tons of minis, no? No. I made a game, well to be honest it still needs a lot of work but the basic rules are ready to go for testing of the core mechanics. I thought it would be fun to share on the off chance that someone felt like trying out a skirmish wargame for small warbands, like you know, noones made one of those before. They have? Oh ok, but no one made a game like this and since I couldn't quite find one to suit my tastes this one will do nicely. Have a look if you dare, since I did it all on the iPad it needs a lot of tender love and care in the layout department and proofreading, but the core mechanics are sound(and I hope fun) there's only one scenario so far but more will come. 

Oh and I've started work on some loot counters for general use in wargaming.


Saturday, 13 December 2014

A bag of gold!

Or, more correctly, a bag of lead. But to me its pure gold. Pics further down, but first a little rambling.

It's been awful quiet on the blog for a while since i've been using my time for other stuff. I have game mastered a huge siege game and plan on a second one in the future. It was so much fun and really brought all of us back to a much happier and simpler time as we played with everything we had from three factions. I'll get some pics up later, promise.

I've not painted a damn thing for more than a month! Urgh but sleep deprivation just does that.
I have however started writing my own skirmish game. I've started collecting small warbands for skimish gaming in general and this is wherenthe bag of gold comes in. Behold the loot. 7£ worth.

See anything you like? Well too bad cause I'm keeping it all!

Friday, 31 October 2014


Ok, been a while.
I've playing and painting a lt lately.
I've been painting all sorts of different things for various of my modern armies and then I decided to do something new. Well not really new. A while ago I painted e test model for a high elf army. I then shelved it and did other things for a while but it was there in the bag of my head nagging all the time.

I really love high elves and what I am about to show you is the start of my 3rd high elf army through my gaming career. The models are the Jess Goodwin seaguard from ages past and some of my favorite models ever.

Hope you like them.

Monday, 28 July 2014

The heat is ON

Man it sure does get hot in these rhinos!

Really, for the last month the weather has been killing me! Its hot outside and inside and all through the night even. I don't cope well in the heat. I don't paint. I can't sleep. Uugh. Hopefully some rain will come soon and I can get back to painting.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Miniature exchange.

Yeah I entered one of these things a while back. The idea is that you sign up and the organizer gives you a secret santa. You have to paint a mini for someone and someone will paint one for you. I recieved a lovely withhunter and I decided to paint a wardancer.

This is what it looks like in a crappy phone picture. Enjoy.

Monday, 9 June 2014


Hi there, been awhile. I've been busy playing and painting, but not blogging. I've played a bunch(5) of games the last month thats 5 times more than I've played in the last year. So yeah, BIG deal.

I held and played in an event but before I get to that I just want to say thank you to Peter Acs for nominating me for a Liebster. This was unexpected but very nice. It will be awhile before I get around to do anything about it really but I am going to do a post later.

So, the event. I didn't take any pictures because I was busy having fun and enjoying myself way too much. I think 7 or so different scenarios were played with much success. The first scenario I played was a battle for some standing stones in the middle of the table. My wood elves vs. A freinds empire. In order to win you had to stay close to the standing stones but when you did, you were moved around the standing stones clockwise, meaning that we had a bunch of units each riding the roundabout of death. Great stuff.
Other highlights included laughing, cursing the dice, singing but no dancing, drinking bear eating take away and just chatting with freinds about stuff and warhammer.
I even managed to win a few games, something rare indeed.

Like I said I've been painting. Wood elves first and foremost, but a little progress has been made on my kislev! No pics now, maybe next post though.

Ah, great to be back. More stuff soonish.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Scenario 1

So, if you remember, I'm planning on going to/running an event at the end of may. The overall setting for the games will be that a lost valley has been found and everyone is rushing there to get rich or die trying. We wil be 7 players and three tables, meaning that one wil be the gm for all the games. Everyone will bring one or two scenarios,and this is the first one I've made.
Here goes.

The opposing armies have been stumbling around in the lost valley for weeks. Plagues of mosquitoes, vindictive natives and horrible weather conditions have made the stay less than fun. The armies have lost their supplies and the troops are threatening to leave. The forces have been spying on eachother for days not daring to commit to battle as they are starving. As the forces travel to the north of the valley the landscape changes and the heat and mosquitoes dissipates. The haunted crags are sparcely vegetated with pinetrees and low shrub.

A type of huge birds of prey have made their nests in the surrounding landscape. Scattered across the battlefield a number nests hide their delicious content. The eggs could feed your army for a long time. However the opposing forces have had the same idea and as they rush to the nests for the eggs the two armies clash in a desperate struggle for survival.

Before the game, after you set up terrain, the game master places 5 nests in appropriate locations on the battlefield.

Any unit can pick up the eggs by touching them during their own movement phase. Each egg in your possession at the end of the game gives you 250 VP. You cannot pick up an egg if you are charging or failing a charge.

Picking up the eggs are not without danger. Far above the battlefield the huge birds of prey are watching over their eggs, eager to protect their unborn young, they will swoop down and attack a randomly selected unit carrying an egg. Only one unit will be attacked each turn. If no unit has an egg, the birds will not attack. If a unit is attacked by a bird, roll on the table below to see what happens. Roll for the birds at the start of each playerturn. If a unit is wiped out or flees for any reason, they drop the egg at the spot they died or flees from. If the unit breaks from combat, the winning side may choose a unit on the winning side of the combat and in in contact with the egg bearing unit to pick up the egg. A unit can have multiple eggs.

D6 roll:
1: Grabbit. The bird steals the egg back(remove the counter form play)
2: Flap flap: The huge wings of the giant bird creates a windgust that moves the unit d3 in a random direction, retaining its facing, if the unit is in close combat, move the entire combat.
3: screech: the birds screech at the unit, making it impossible for the unit to hear any orders. Until the end of the turn the unit cannot use the generals leadership, unless he is in the unit.
4-5: Claw! the bird claws at the unit to get at the egg. the unit suffers d6 strength 4 hits.
6: Nesting material. The bird grabs the units standard for nesting material, remove the standard bearer from play, as he desperately clings to the standard in a vain attempt to hinder the bird from taking it. If the unit has no standard, treat this as a Claw! result instead.