Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I made a game!

Oh, yeah merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope santa was good to you, he certainly was to me. New brushes made their way to my hobby table so I'm very happy.

Oh and all this free time during the holidays and flu stricken wife has left my evening wide open. So naturally a painted tons of minis, no? No. I made a game, well to be honest it still needs a lot of work but the basic rules are ready to go for testing of the core mechanics. I thought it would be fun to share on the off chance that someone felt like trying out a skirmish wargame for small warbands, like you know, noones made one of those before. They have? Oh ok, but no one made a game like this and since I couldn't quite find one to suit my tastes this one will do nicely. Have a look if you dare, since I did it all on the iPad it needs a lot of tender love and care in the layout department and proofreading, but the core mechanics are sound(and I hope fun) there's only one scenario so far but more will come. 

Oh and I've started work on some loot counters for general use in wargaming.


Saturday, 13 December 2014

A bag of gold!

Or, more correctly, a bag of lead. But to me its pure gold. Pics further down, but first a little rambling.

It's been awful quiet on the blog for a while since i've been using my time for other stuff. I have game mastered a huge siege game and plan on a second one in the future. It was so much fun and really brought all of us back to a much happier and simpler time as we played with everything we had from three factions. I'll get some pics up later, promise.

I've not painted a damn thing for more than a month! Urgh but sleep deprivation just does that.
I have however started writing my own skirmish game. I've started collecting small warbands for skimish gaming in general and this is wherenthe bag of gold comes in. Behold the loot. 7£ worth.

See anything you like? Well too bad cause I'm keeping it all!