Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Hi and welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm Kristian by the way and this is my blog for my warhammer adventures. Ive been playing wh for about 20 years, epic before that, and also various roleplaying games, starting in the late 80's. During my time in the hobby I've mostly been playing GW games, all of them, but my collection is mostly warhammer. I have several modern armies, but recently I have started a collection of 3rd ed. Dark elves.

I coined the term funhammer about a year ago as I found myself adrift on an endless sea of warhammer sameness. I decided to do something about this on a local forum and from that sprung a league and a two day event. Funhammer is about playing different types of scenarios, with relaxed armies and with the narrative as the major focus point. I read a lot of the oldhammer blogs and have drawn alot of inspiration from them. 

Currently I play 8th ed. Warhammer and I am enjoying it, but I have a copy of 3rd ed. and I am looking to paint the Dark elves I've recently bought so I will eventually have an army for some oldhammer. This blog will feature all sorts of warhammer shenanigans, but will concentrate mostly on the oldhammer stuff and the funhammer playstyle.