Saturday, 13 December 2014

A bag of gold!

Or, more correctly, a bag of lead. But to me its pure gold. Pics further down, but first a little rambling.

It's been awful quiet on the blog for a while since i've been using my time for other stuff. I have game mastered a huge siege game and plan on a second one in the future. It was so much fun and really brought all of us back to a much happier and simpler time as we played with everything we had from three factions. I'll get some pics up later, promise.

I've not painted a damn thing for more than a month! Urgh but sleep deprivation just does that.
I have however started writing my own skirmish game. I've started collecting small warbands for skimish gaming in general and this is wherenthe bag of gold comes in. Behold the loot. 7£ worth.

See anything you like? Well too bad cause I'm keeping it all!

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