Tuesday, 19 December 2017


All right. So "SOD" is the Scandinavian Oldhammer Day or, more correctly, oldhammer weekend. I'm still working on freeing the weekend for some time away from the family, but it looks like I can allow myself to be cautiously optimistic about joining the event on the saturday.

My hope is to participate in a 4th ed. Bring and battle and I feel like that is certainly possible with my current collection of 4th ed. High Elves, painted of course. I will probably get the army to a respectable 2500-3000 points before the start of march, so I might also be looking for a straight up 4th/5th ed. Warhammer battle. Responsible hammer that is.

No pics today but apart frm basing on the crew I've painted two eagle claw boltthrowers for the high elves. Hopefully I'll get some pics up before Christmas.

During the hollidays I still plan to begin painting my silver helms. They are prepped, but still needs an undercoat.


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