Monday, 17 February 2014

An event.

In october 2013 we dedicated an entire weekend to funhammer. Loads of game mastered scenarios, ending in a large multiplayer battle of good vs. Evil. It was awesome. As soon as it ended I started thinking about the next event. This week we booked the location( a nice little cellar, with room for three tables) last year every game had a GM, this time it will be different. 

The setup is 7 players. We will have three rounds of games on the saturday, with three players taking turns to be the GM of all the games. Every player brings a fun army of 2000 points, and a scenario. That means we still need 2 scenarios, but that should be easily fixed as we have a great catalouge of homebrewed scenarios. 

Won't it be hard to GM 3 games at once? Well, the scenarios should be supportive of the GM, meaning they should be playable with only a little hands on GM'ing. The narrative and rules for the scenario should be all the players need for starting the game.

Knowing the gamers they will probably fill the scenarios with tons of neutral units that the GM has to move around, so there should be plenty to do, apart from drink beers as GM.

I have already planned my scenario, it involves great birds of prey, egghunting and a table for random effects.

Sundays gaming have yet to be determined, but I'm thinking some kind of multiplayer battle with myself as GM. But I think I will ask the players what they want to do :)

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