Thursday, 3 April 2014

More dark elves.

Ok, lifes been pretty hectic the last couple of weeks. Work has been packed with evening meetings and add to that a sick wife and child, well you get the picture. The little time I've had to myself just before going to bed has been spent doing nothing. Having no energy or time for hobbying I've contended myself with looking at all the gorgeous stuff on the net, just looking at the pretty pictures and reading the blogs.

So, I went to ebay and I was just browsing. Honest! I wasn't going to buy anything. And I didn't, not really. These? Oh they hardly count...good deal and all. Look an entire unit! 

I realize there's two of the same, one will become a standard so as to mitigate this fact. Lovely characterful sculpts they are and I hope they can add some punch to my army, although they look like they might be difficult to get into combat before they tear eachother apart.

I dont know whats up with me and dark elves. This is the 3rd dark elf army I'm collecting and I'm still not bored of it. At the end of may I have a one day funhammer event coming up and I will be bringing my newish dark elves to that one, just can't get enough. How about you, do you have a favorite army that you keep going back to?

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  1. I paid a pretty penny for 5 cold one knights love the sculpts and good luck with your fun hammer day.