Saturday, 22 February 2020

Dark elves.

Well it’s been a while since I wrote something for this blog. My high elves are done and I’ve moved on to a dark elves army. The bse of my collection was bought back in my teens in the late 90’s. They need stripping and a new paint job and, lets face it, some new friends.

My goal is to paint 30 points a week, which should be doable, at least if I do it as an average. My start to the year has been really productive and I’m closing in on 500 points. I know that I will need the buffer for later when real life rears its ugly head.
The game I’m aiming to play is warhammer rennaisance, a rework of 4th/5th edition which looks really fun.

Enough words, on to the painting:

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Great Eagle.

Great Eagle

Not much to say about that chap. He was ultra fast to paint with drybrush and little else. I think I spent more time prepping him than painting. The next one is also in early stages of prep. Both are ebay rescues, and needed a lot of love before they were ready to go.

1st Lancers of Tor Yvresse
And the damn lancers as well. Sooooo time consuming, but also very rewarding. Will wait a while before I tackle anymore cavalry.

Sunday, 21 January 2018


So, a new year has begun. As always this is a very busy time in my family but the worst is behind me and today I squeezes in a couple of hours of paint time. The silver helms are well under way, but they are time consuming and I doubt I will tackle the next unit any time soon.

In other news the leadpile has grown and as part of that I now how the original shields for my spearmen and no longer any excuses not to paint them.

Hoping the new year treats you all well.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017


All right. So "SOD" is the Scandinavian Oldhammer Day or, more correctly, oldhammer weekend. I'm still working on freeing the weekend for some time away from the family, but it looks like I can allow myself to be cautiously optimistic about joining the event on the saturday.

My hope is to participate in a 4th ed. Bring and battle and I feel like that is certainly possible with my current collection of 4th ed. High Elves, painted of course. I will probably get the army to a respectable 2500-3000 points before the start of march, so I might also be looking for a straight up 4th/5th ed. Warhammer battle. Responsible hammer that is.

No pics today but apart frm basing on the crew I've painted two eagle claw boltthrowers for the high elves. Hopefully I'll get some pics up before Christmas.

During the hollidays I still plan to begin painting my silver helms. They are prepped, but still needs an undercoat.


Monday, 27 November 2017

Yes. 10 archers done. These miniatures are easy to paint, but not very inspiring. In some ways they are better sculpts than the spearmen from the same box, but not really great. These will have to do until I get a hold of some of the metal archers from the period.

Hope you like them.

Today I also prepped a small unit of 5th ed. silverhelms. They still need some greenstuff love, before I can basecoat them, but given the horror that are these minis when it comes to assembly I'm quite pleased with the work I've done.

As we enter december, my goal is to finish the silver helms, but as I have quite a long christmas vacation I hope to sink my teeth into another unit or maybe some reaoers or eagles, befor years end. This should put me well on pace to have an army ready for the springs events. One of which is a campaign weekend and the other being the danish oldhammer weekend. Neither of these have set a date yet, but I'm hoping they won't clash with any family stuff.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


I finally wheeled the ol' camera out for some picks if my spearmen. Still without their shields, but I still haven't got a hold of the right ones, so untill then they will have to go shieldless.

And here they are revealing my mediocre painting skills. taking such revealing photos makes it obvious that I will have to fix a few things when I get around to painting their shields, but for now they are done.
Also yesterday I prepped and undercoated 10 archers and today I stripped 2 boltthrowers and their crew.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Eltharion the Grimm.
Such an iconic model and one I dreamed of owning when I was a kid.
My first painted army was a high elf army for 4th/5th edition. I actually had a griffon model, but it was deathclaw with a high elf silver helm riding it. I pined for Eltharion on stormwing back then, but my focus shifted and I've painted severeal armies and even another high elf army, without ever getting the model.

A couple of years ago I finally visited ebay, and got one. Took a while to paint it, as stuff happened but here it is in all its glory.

He was a lot of fun to paint and it motivated me to move along with the stripping and repainting my original High elf army from back in the day.
Ebay will have to be visited to get the missing pieces, but slowly I will make a 4th/5th ed style High elf army.